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(2019) Decolonizing Academia: Poverty, Oppression, and Pain by Clelia O. Rodriguez” [Book Review]. Radical Teacher Journal, (115): 81-84, nov. 2019. ISSN 1941-0832. doi:

(2019) “Archiving Black Lesbians in Practice: The Salsa Soul Sisters Archival Collection.” In A. Guess & P. Kanakamedala (Eds.), The City Amplified: Oral Histories and Radical Archives. New York: The Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Invited Publication.

(2018) “An Archival Mothering: We’re On: A June Jordan Reader by Christoph Keller and Jan Heller Levi (Eds.) [Book review]. Mom Egg Review. Summer 2018. Invited Publication.

(2018). “A Blueprint on Self-Exploration to Justice: Introduction to ‘Referencing Audre Lorde’ & “Lesbian Librarianship for All.’” In K. Adler, I. Beilin, & E. Tewell (Eds.), Reference librarianship and justice. Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press.

(2018). “‘Lesbian Librarianship’ For All: A Manifesto. In Ian Beilin, and Eamon Tewell (Eds.), Reference librarianship & justice: History, practice & praxis. Duluth: Library Juice Press.

(2018) “Referencing Audre Lorde. In Ian Beilin, and Eamon Tewell (Eds.), Reference librarianship & justice: History, practice & praxis. Duluth: Library Juice Press.

(2018). “Along the Boardwalk.” Golden Mermaids, Sinister Wisdom, (111): 15 – 20.

(2018). “Dyke Hands and Dollar Vans.” Golden Mermaids, Sinister Wisdom, (111): 21 – 26.

(2018). “Weaning.” Mom Egg Review – MER VOX, Summer 2018.

(2018). “Black Lesbians in the 70s: How a Zine Marked Herstory.” In J.P. Howard & A. Atiya (Eds.), Black Lesbians – We are the Revolution, Sinister Wisdom, (107).

(2018). Salsa Soul Sisters [Zine]. New York, NY: Endless Editions; EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Gallery. Invited Publication.

Smith-Cruz, S., Thistlethwaite, P., Katz, S., & Poggiali, J. (2018). “OER support across CUNY.” [Web blog post]. CUNY University Faculty Senate Blog. Invited Publication.

(2017). “An Opening Closed to the Public: A Black Lesbian Separatist at Play.” Arkana, (2).

Daniels, J., Thistlethwaite, P., & Smith-Cruz, S. (2017). “Opening Education, Linking to Communities: The #InQ13 Collective’s Participatory Open Online Course (POOC) in East Harlem.” In E.M. Losh (Ed), MOOCs and their afterlives: Experiments in scale and access in higher education (198-212). Chicago; London: University of Chicago Press.

(2017). “Graphic Activism: Lesbian Archival Library Display.” In C. Smallwood & L. Sanborn (Eds.), Gender issues and the library: Case studies of innovative programs and resources. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.

(2017). “Oral History with Jean Wimberly.” In S. Smith-Cruz, A. Washburn, A. Ricket, A. Martin, & B. Warriner (Eds.), Celebrating the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Sinister Wisdom, (103).

(2017). “Oral History with Tara Shannon.” In S. Smith-Cruz, A. Washburn, A. Ricket, A. Martin, & B. Warriner (Eds.), Celebrating the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Sinister Wisdom, (103).

(2017). “Stilt Walking in Hesperia (from Rice Pot Stories).” In S. Smith-Cruz, A. Washburn, A. Ricket, A. Martin, & B. Warriner (Eds.), Celebrating the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Sinister Wisdom, (103).

The Editorial Collective: Smith-Cruz, Shawn(ta) D., Allison Ricket, Brynn Warriner, Angela Martin, and Amy Washburn, eds. (2017). Celebrating the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Sinister Wisdom, (103).

(2017). Woman Energy: How our Lesbian Past Informs our Lesbian Future. Sinister Wisdom 50th Anniversary Series: Anticipating Sinister Wisdom’s Croning in 2026: Part 1 of 10. [Brochure]. Dover, FL: Sinister Wisdom. Invited Publication.

(2016). Digging Queer Art : Interview with Amanda Curreri. The Calmest of Us Would Be Lunatics [Exhibition Catalog]. Minnesota: Rochester Art Center. Invited Publication.

(2016). “Jam on the Vine by LaShonda Barnett.” [Book review]. Sinister Wisdom, (101): 98-100. Invited Publication.

(2016). “Performing Ourselves at the Center : Interview with Amanda Curreri.” Sinister Wisdom, (101): 22-25. Invited Publication.

Smith-Cruz, S., Rashid, I., Grant, C., Mapp, S. (2016). “She was Fierce! Audre Lorde and Salsa Soul Sisters: Transforming the Black Lesbian Community.” In Gloria I. Joseph (Ed.), The Wind is spirit: The life, love and legacy Of Audre Lorde. New York: Villarosa Media. Invited Publication

Smith, S., Flavia Rando, Rachel Corbman, Deborah Edel, Morgan Gwenwald, Joan Nestle, and Polly Thistlethwaite. (2016). “Getting from Then to Now : Sustaining the Lesbian Herstory Archives as a Lesbian Organization.” Journal of Lesbian Studies Special Issue : Lesbian Organizations and Organizing, 20(2), 213–233. Proxied Link. Peer Reviewed Publication

(2015). “Embedding a Librarian for Mapping the Futures of Higher Education.” [Web blog post]. Futures Initiative Blog. Invited Publication

(2015). “Tape by tape: Digital projects at the Lesbian Herstory Archives.” In Rachel Wexelbaum (Ed.), Queers Online: LGBT digital practices in libraries, archives, and museums. California: Litwin Books.

(2014). “Black Gay Genius Interview with Lisa C. Moore.” In S. Fullwood & C. Stephens (Eds.), Black gay genius: Joseph Beam and In the life. New York: Vintage Entity Press. Invited Publication.

Daniels, J., Gold, M. K., Anderson, S. M., Boy, J., Cahill, C., Gieseking, J. J., … Tucker, Z. (2014). “The InQ13 POOC : A participatory experiment in open, collaborative teaching and learning.” Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy (JITP), (5), 1–40. Peer Reviewed Publication.

(2014). “Domini effect: An interview with Rachel Mattson.” Ozone Park Journal. New York: Queens College. Web. Invited Publication.

2014 Louis Armstrong and his Women [Zine]. Louis Armstrong Writers-in-Residency, Queens College MFA in Creative Writing & Literary Translation and Louis Armstrong House Museum.

2014 “Queer Housing Nacional : A Librarian’s Documentation of a Community-specific Resource.” In Melissa Morrone (Ed.), Informed Agitation: Library and Information Skills in Social Justice Movements and Beyond. Duluth: Library Juice Press. Invited Publication.

2014 Smith-Cruz, S., Thistlethwaite, P., & Daniels, J. “Open Scholarship for Open Education: Building the JustPublics@365 POOC. Journal of Library Innovation, 5(2), 15–28. Peer Reviewed Publication.

2013 Clements, A. & Rando, F. & Smith, S. “Living our Lives through their Words: Reflections on the Marathon Reading of Work by Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, November 17, 2012.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, 34(2), 261-269. Univ. of Nebraska Press. Proxied Link. Peer Reviewed Publication.

2010 Black Lesbians in the 70’s and Before: An at Home Tour at the Lesbian Herstory Archives [Zine]. Brooklyn, NY: Lesbian Herstory Archives.

2010 “Videos in the Kitchen : The Lesbian Herstory Archives as a Moving-Herstorical-Image. In D. Utroske, A. Beins, K. Alexander, J. A. Salthouse, & J. Hernandez (Issue Eds.) & K. O’Connor (Managing Ed.), Films for the feminist classroom, (Issue 2.s). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University, Women’s and Gender Studies Dept. Web. Peer Reviewed Publication.

2011 “Patricia’s Child, Patrick’s Penis & the Sex of Reference : A Lesbian Librarian’s Log of Perverse Patronage.” In T. Nectoux (Ed.), Out behind the desk: Workplace issues for LGBTQ librarians. Duluth: Library Juice Press. Proxied link.

2004 “Even when Leaving the Ghetto.” In D, Anderson-Minshall & G. D. Vries (Eds.), Becoming: Young Ideas on Gender, Identity, and Sexuality. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris.

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